This Radio Flyer was an excellent investment.

I would help my two little girls carefully climb into the seats. Make sure the stuffed friends, drinks and sunscreen were down in the ample room by their feet and we'd walk the half a mile to Roslyn Park and play on the playground. We'd make up chasing games where we'd be heroes protecting the park. And we'd order "Cherry Whipples" from the little counter under the climbing wall. All of this was probably four years ago.

Just recently I created a little spark of interest in X-Men reading to Ashley on the flight home from Disney and she has just fanned that spark into the full flame of obsession that today has even overtaken her sister. So after Michelle and I put the trampoline together today (in record time) we played X-Men all afternoon. Part of this somehow entailed squeezing some much larger little people into the Radio Flyer again.

And even though we're all older—and all have many more super important things to do—somehow a playing all day like the wagon was still a perfect fit.

AuthorKevin McAllister