I’m always seeking improvement in many areas.


I want to be better at my work. I want to be physically stronger, faster, and have more endurance. I often have to prioritize in my pursuit of values and I don’t bemoan this as a necessary evil, I try to embrace the limitations of time and attention and fill them with only the best things.


However I’m noticing an area that is extremely value dense but I often neglect for the comfort of the busyness of other things. Items of reflection and introspection.  


I happened to notice afew of the photos and videos I took the week of Christmas and spent a few moments looking at them.

And I think I’d like to find a way for regular purposeful organization of my thoughts, photos, videos, and whatever else.

I know I have limited time and attention but I want to make sure I continually practice focusing it on the most important things.

AuthorKevin McAllister