I was working on fixing a computer for Michelle's Nan, and it was immediately apparent that her machine was pretty crappy. I decided I would just buy her one of those cheap Microtel machines for $200 from walmart. So I got the most inexpensive one I could, as they were all better specs than her HP Pavillion 6343 with a 300MHz and 32 MB ram. And it turned out the most inexpensive came with LindowsOS pre-installed. So I figured it would be a good opportunity to check it out, since I am a huge Linux fan and I had been hearing some hype about Lindows.

Well I immediately decided LindowsOS is BAD. This is because the default account that is logged into their slightly private labelled KDE instance, is the root user! No really, the honestly seem to want the user to do everything as root. This is nearly as bad as cobalt running their administrative apache instance as root.

Lindows.com, Inc. is counting on the fact that their users don't want to know anything about the operating system, they just want to send email, use a wysiwyg text editor, and use a web browser. And to give them the ability to very easily accidentaly destroy their whole system is counter to the entire security structure which most Linux based distros rely on. It is very windows 95. So if you are looking to get grandma on linux, and think Lindows might be the answer.... think again. You are just setting her up to destroy all of her data and her computer, and a nice weekend for you while you go over there to re-install windows for her.

AuthorKevin McAllister