So far I have been generally pleased with MT. It makes it rather easy to add content, I have been able to simply and effectively change the layout. (Well it is currently one of the example layouts, but I get the idea) It has introduced me into the wonders of CSS, and through an entry on Jeremy Zawodny's blog found myself looking at Mark Pilgrim's excellent Dive into Accessibility.

First I must compliment Mark on providing such a detailed yet easily read and understood explanation of many of the accessibility issues faced on the Internet. Second I must compliment Ben and Mena Trott of MovableType for implementing the majority of Mark's suggestions into verstion 2.6 of MT. The only change I can remember making is the one on Using relative font sizes.

I highly recommend that all who are maintaining an information store on the web at least review the Dive into Accessibility site.

AuthorKevin McAllister