I lost my last pair of glasses on Thursday last week, so that meant it was time to visit the eye doctor. Turns out I hadn't been there in about 4 years. Anyway, I took the opportunity to ask him about a phenomena I had been noticing since sometime in college. I had noticed what are commonly called floaters, or little spots floating in my field of vision.

My doctor explained that these are clumps of the vitreous fluid which is one of the outer layers of the eye. Apparently this fluid changes in consistency over your lifetime. And these symptoms could sometimes could be associated with tears or detatchment of the retina, but that is usually accompanied by flashes of light, which I thankfully am not experiencing.

However, there is not much to be done about it so you mostly learn how to deal with it, but this was something that has bothered me for a while and here is one informative site: Spots Before Your Eyes, you can find more Googling for vitreous humor.

AuthorKevin McAllister