I just wanted take a moment and blog an entry about the girl, with whom, I plan to share forever

Michelle Young, hailing from Bristol, PA is the one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. She is beautiful, intelligent and best of all she puts up with me.

She has an uncanny ability to simply know exactly the right way to interpret a situation, things I may have to ponder for days , years or months, she just knows by default; like the fact that we should get married. I think she knew almost weeks (maybe less) after we started dating. But it took me a while to even convince myself that marriage was a worthwhile thing to do. I am grateful for her patience. On December 21, 2001 I asked her to share forever with me, and she immediately accepted. So on July 12, 2003 just 134 days from today, we will be performing the ceremony so all our friends and family can celebrate our joining together.

Thanks Michelle, I love you.

AuthorKevin McAllister