Marcus Ramberg led me to an interesting analysis:

Ironic isn't it? In the same way, they used our airplanes to kill our people and devastate our economy, now they are using our own government to kill our people and devastate our economy on a scale 10 times larger than the original attack. In addition, they are using our own government to increase the chance of future terrorist attacks on America. All with the majority support of the American people!

The core value of America is freedom. But the terrorist have also leveraged our own government into taking away our freedoms at home, via the Patriot Act and Patriot II.

The terrorists have won. They have successfully convinced America to attack itself.

While I don't completely agree with all of his premises or conclusions, he makes some good points and certainly brushes many major issues. I am a big fan of the United States, and I like living here. But some of the recent dumb things: Freedom fries,, The Patriot Act, etc.... Have made me even more skeptical than usual of our elected leadership. But the die is cast, and when the head bashing is done, hopefully there will be some changes and enlightenmt in my fellow Americans.

AuthorKevin McAllister