Well after the unprecedented .3 release in the 7.X line of RedHat Linux it appears they are skipping right over .1 and .2 in the 8.X line. I recieved a message today saying that since I am a subscriber to the RedHat Network I will be able to get RedHat 9 on March 31st.

So does the standard advice of don't use a .0 release for RedHat, which I have often recieved, apply to this 9.0 release? Should I continue using 7.3? Is this jump to 9.0 along with their recent announcement of their RedHat Enterprise Linux, just evidence that the marketroids are taking over.

Just in case you wonder, both my desktop and my laptop are running 8.0 and I have been generally pleased. It is very pretty. I have also heard from a few that have upgraded to Gnome 2.2 from RedHats Rawhide that they are quite pleased with the enhancements, and claim it is even more complete. So I will be taking advantage of my subscription to download the 9.0 isos, and promptly installing.

Maybe someone with bandwidth to burn would let me upload the 9.0 isos to their server, once I grab them?

AuthorKevin McAllister