Well it begins again. I decided to allocate April, May and possibly June to achieving my second round of weight loss goals. So I need to string together a bunch of days at the gym and be really particular about the food I eat.

Starting November 17, 2001 I decided to lose weight, I was about 300 lbs on that day. Sometime in mid-May 2002 I got down to 218.5. I have been between 215.0 and 225.0 since then. With my wedding coming up (July 12), I decided to peel the rest of my now not so massive gut off, so my goal is 195.0 - 199.0. Today I am 220.5, and headed to the gym.

To see a comparison of pictures go to weight-loss. I have a bunch more pictures that may show it more clearly, and I will eventually get around to putting them up there, but you can definitely see it in my face there. And if you want to loose weight, try The Hacker's Diet, following the ideas discussed in there worked for me. Although my exercise routine was a bit of a departure from his, but it was still the same general idea.

AuthorKevin McAllister