Every computer has a magic silver box in it that contains the smoke. The smoke is the ephemeral life force behind all your computers actions. Apparently the magic gnomes or elves that live inside the machine and do all the work, utilize this smoke to give them energy, maybe similar to the way animal life utilizes oxygen in the krebs cycle.

So it turns out once you let the smoke escape from that silver box, the machine will not work. And it is possible, even if you get a new box with brand spankin new smoke, that some of the elves and gnomes, maybe even some of the critical ones, could have been killed in the fallout of the massive smoke release.

The power supply in sherlock died today. Sherlock is the name of my desktop, anyway the PS is the only part of the system I didn't hand select so it is my fault. I was running my geforce4ti in there and it was only a 300W powersupply from "Deer Compuyter CO, LTD".

I have been given recommendations for the following types of PS: PC Power and Cooling and Antec. Hopefully I can find a nice 450W from one of these manufacturers at CompUSA this morning, otherwise I will have to decide if the cost of overnight shipping is less than or equal to the value of getting Sherlock back up and running, and assessing any additional damage.

Additional powersupply recommendations are welcome...

AuthorKevin McAllister