I am now the owner of a license to run CrossOver Office 2.0, and am currently installing MS Office 2000 under RedHat Linux 9. So far it is going very well, and I will be happy to not reboot in order to collaborate on co-workers documents or to convert my work into MSWord format.

Also MSWord takes a lot of kicking around from myself included, but it is not terribly difficult to get it to do what you want. I think working with Knuth's TeX, LaTeX, and GNU texinfo, have helped me to better understand what goes into document formatting and therefore be more effective in using MSWord when I need to format my documents. But give me emacs and people who can read plain (extremely portable) text files any day.

My favorite part of the CrossOver install is captured in this image.

Simulated Windows Reboot dialog box

AuthorKevin McAllister