Those of you who are busily consuming your Soma in large doses will be happy to know that despite your indifference to the political and legal make-up of a great Nation, a blow has been struck for freedom. It did not involve bombings or potentially staged rescues. It invovled a dull legal battle for free speech. The content of Federal District Court Judge Cougenour's decision can be found here. An excerpt I found particularly poignant follows:

However, we live in a democratic society founded on fundamental constitutional principles. In this society, we do not quash fear by increasing government power, proscribing those constitutional principles, and silencing those speakers of whom the majority disapproves. Rather, as Justice Harlan eloquently explained, the First Amendment demands that we confront those speakers with superior ideas ...

By the way, if you are interested in following this type of information more closely, check out Declan McCullagh's Politech, very high signal to noise ratio mailing list, on politics relevant to technology.

AuthorKevin McAllister