So I started drinking at 8:50 AM on Sunday June 8th. My brother rents a house in Manayunk, which is a section of Philadelphia that was originally a real blue colar town when my parents were growing up there, now it is a strange mixture of a shopping attraction, convenient (and high priced) living area for people who work in and around the city, and there are still the roots of hard working grit. Manayunk has become a trendy area for the rich to live in very old houses and try and find a place to park their many SUVs and expensive cars, there is also the college element as it is centrally located to LaSalle, Drexel, UPenn, Villanova, St. Joes and others. And of course there is Main street which is littered with overpriced resturants, bars and nick-nack shops squeezed in between container factories and some other industrial plants, all butted up against the Canal that used to be the lifeblood of the town. Anyway the point of this description was to give you a feel for a neighborhood that is a mixture of college life, rusty grit, high polish, lots of bars and lots of cars squeezed into a layout that was designed for a few horses and buggies to pass through.

So I showed up in Manayunk with 35 lbs of ice to help keep the keg of Michelob and the keg of highlife cold, so we could have a full day of drinking, cooking dead animals and oh yeah, I think there was a bike race too.

Drinking went on for the whole day, starting at 8:50 AM when the highlife was tapped. There was lots of yelling and some beer pong, and some racially motivated diatribes from some of my less tactful friends.

I documented a fair amount of the activity with my Sanyo 8100 camera phone, and put it up on my Photo Gallery. So you can check out a low resolution view of the events. And since my brain was addled with alcohol the resolution of the pictures matches my recolection exactly. Oh and I think someone won the race too.

AuthorKevin McAllister