Well the time is almost upon me. It was December of 2001 when I proposed to Michelle, and the wedding date is tomorrow. Despite my outward appearance and my frequent denials, I am starting to get excited. As far as I can tell the plans have all come together and all of Michelle's hard work in planning this wedding will finally come to fruition. Its a very strange thing; all this many months of planning and hiring people to perform different tasks which are woven together into a 5 or 6 hour tapestry (or maybe wirlwind) of heart touching ceremony, friends, family and a big, loud, noisy party which will be over almost as quickly as it has come. I hope Michelle and I are able to heed the advice of all the married veterans who have told me to focus on enjoying the day, and not worrying about the minor things that may have gone awry. Because this important day, like so many in our life, will flow past with such speed and remind us again of our regretfully limited memory if we don't stop staring at the overwhelming minutiae and try and enjoy the whole of what is happening.

Thank you to all of my large group of family and friends who have supported us throughout our entire lives. You have made this joy possible, and I am proud that you will be there to share my greatest day.

And then Sunday: Walt Disney World or bust!

AuthorKevin McAllister