Have you forked over your $699 in extorted protection monies yet? Well the googlebombing seems to have paid off and put an actual informative page near the top of Google's "sco" results screen. So everyone with a web page out there lets make a final push, stick this somewhere:

<a href="http://sco.iwethey.org/">SCO</a> like this: SCO

It would be pretty sweet if someone at SCO managed to sneak that up on their home page in a hidden <div/>. Come on, you know you want to.

Also you might be interested in taking a different approach suggested on the linux-elitists mailing list: here. Basically they suggest that we may benefit from getting information directly from SCO's mouth, by calling and asking for a sales weenie to explain to us how we can become legal Linux users. Or maybe request an annual report so we can consider investing in SCOX. The idea being that this will cost them money to support quite a few requests by freedom lovers everywhere that are not pleased with their current noisy and irritating business practices.

Of course the stock price being down 10% today doesn't bode well for much except class action suits. I guess if you already jumped on you can always file a complaint with the SEC. This tact was suggested here and followed up here. Good point those sco exec's stock dumping since June have been piling up (source).

Also rumor has it that the IBM counterclaims were filed last night. I would imagine you will be able to find copies shortly on both sco.iwethey.org and GrepLaw.

Update: (August 8, 2003) IBM counterclaims available here

AuthorKevin McAllister