I have recently come across a new project called WikiTravel. It is intended to be a collaborative and freely available travel guide. It is just getting started so there is not much information available at this point. But I think this could be really useful. I mean I use the Wikipedia almost every day to look up some information, and it is starting to get really good. And of course Everything2 uses a somewhat similar model for collaborative information sharing. And both of those resources have quite a bit of good information there, but without the authors who contribute their work, there would be nothing. I can see a great use for the vision of this WikiTravel guide so it would be interesting if it can succeed. So the point is, go to WikiTravel and Plunge Forward, you probably have quite a bit of interesting stuff to share be it about your hometown or about the exotic place you just visited. I guess I should find some time to write about my recent trip to Disney.

AuthorKevin McAllister