Well I hadn't written in some time, primarily because I have been very busy. At work we are fast approaching the release of our product, so the unexpected emergencies combined with the already tight schedule keeps me at the appropriate stress level.

My home purchase will be completed on Friday, and I am moving on Saturday. So working on last minute details, packing and buying furniture and appliances has chewed into my time. Luckily my wife is great and has born the brunt of the work here. But borrowing tons of money and buying lots of stuff has a way of sucking in many hours of work.

In Karate I have just earned my green belt. I now am officially an advanced student. Although that acknowlegement of accomplishment is tempered with the commonly heard description of a black belt as a "serious beginner."

I still have been attempting to hit the gym in the mornings. Its going pretty well.

The Eagles are 0 - 2 :-( Primarily looks to me like they are pressing too hard to perform. Everyone is trying to overplay their position to the level that they are no longer even competent at their regular duties. I guess the self pressure of a season framed as "do or die for the super bowl" can cause you to self destruct, regardless of your talent level. Hopefully they can get it turned around.

And finally adding to my personal time commitments is Fantasy Football. As this seems to be my lowest priority time wise, it has shown, I am currently 0 - 3 in both of the leagues I am playing in. Luckily I haven't spent much time on this, so maybe I can acheive the dubious distinction of going 0 - 13 in two different leagues. I still believe in one of my teams, the other would require quite a bit of luck to do well. Basically my first draft served as my research for the second draft.

Well next up, sign the papers and start the *home* improvement fest!

AuthorKevin McAllister