About 2 years ago on this date I started doing something about being fat. I had realized a few months earlier that I was way overweight, approximately 300 lbs, and I signed up for LA Fitness, but didn't go very frequently and didn't alter my caloric intake at all. Then I happened across The Hacker's Diet and everything that John Walker had written in there made a whole lot of sense to me, I read the entire thing in a few hours, printed it out and stuck it in a binder in case the web version ever went away. I started on the 18th, going to the gym, weighing myself daily and eating only 1200 - 1500 calories a day. By May I was down to 218 lbs. I have done generally well since then, primarily because I hit the gym frequently and I am very comitted to my karate study. (I just got Green with a Brown Stripe.) I realized recently that I had let my eating habits deteriorate again. And I find myself at 228.5 lbs. Which is not too bad, however given the significance of this date, I have decided to give it another go of low intake and very consistent gym appearances. So starting today, I am focusing on 1500 - 1800 calories a day of intake. My goal is 198.5, which will be the first time I have been under 200 since I was a Junior in High School when I had done all that Bally's work over the summer for Football, with my friends Frank and Joe.

I am going to try and keep my progress documented on here. Just in case anyone wants to follow along at home. But I hit the gym this morning. And have stuck to my planned calorie intake so far. Had about 300 for breakfast and 500 for lunch leaving plenty of room for a snack and some dinner. Luckily my illness last week caused me not too each much so I think the worst of the initial hunger headaches are already past me, just have to use my brain every time I think I want to eat something.

AuthorKevin McAllister