Already feeling the effects. 5 AM comes really early. There just needs to be something inside that makes you want to get up when it is pitch dark and cold. But I got up. Still weiging in at 228.5, so illogically that is discouraging, especially because I feel 2 pounds hungrier. But it is the knowledge that there are many factors that can attribute to your instantaneous weight and that it has only really been one day that makes you continue. It would truly be discouraging if it were still the same number on December 1. Anyway here is the breakdown: Alarm goes of at 5 AM (my clock is about 18 minutes fast purposely, I don't like to see the clock saying 4 something when it is dark and cold). I start my car (remote starter is on point), and weigh in. Dispense with a large glass of water and head for the gym. Unfortunately I forgot my towel but I decided since I have karate and probably ATP tonight I will only run and stretch, so the towel is not entirely necessary.

5:08 AM: arrive at LA Fitness. Run for 20 minutes at 7.1 MPH go through automated cooldown for 5 minutes. The automated cooldown drops to 4.5 MPH and then drops .5 MPH every minute. In the first 20 minutes I went 2.37 miles. And this treadmill tracks the distance for the cooldown as well, so overall I went 2.65 miles. Then a little stretching and back home to eat, make lunch and shower. In work by 7:12 AM.

Anyway, I am hungry, and my left foot hurts a little from the running two days in a row. But I am also full of energy, and accomplishment, and luckily it is just about lunch time.

AuthorKevin McAllister