Thanksgiving with Mom, Tom and my wife was great, I missed having my dad there, but I love spending time with my Mom. Breakfast with the in-law's for three straight days was good, it made sure that I got my fill of eggs and bacon those days. And Michelle and her Mom spent Friday and Saturday baking about a million Christmas cookies at my house. It gave me time to run the new phone lines to my office, and to get quite a bit of Madden franchise time in. I won the superbowl and then started trading all my old players for draft picks and young players. (Note: always keep the signing bonus money as low as possible, unless you are sure you will keep the player through the end of the contract, even if it means a higher overall salary)

Then the Eagles continued to be awesome with their 7th straight victory. Thank goodness that Fox forgot how to use timeouts and Kasay forgot how to kick field goals.

Then I helped Frank move some of his new (used) furniture from his cousin's condo into his new condo. All in all a busy, yet oftentimes restful long weekend.

AuthorKevin McAllister