Well it seems we are running out of justification for the war (undeclared but allowed by those wusses in congress) against Iraq. Here is a quick recap. 1. Saddam Hussein has weapons of Mass Destruction, he may even have or be currently obtaining nuclear weapons. 2. Saddam Hussein and Iraq have ties to the Al Queda terrorist network. 3. The Iraqi people are oppressed by an evil dictator led regime.

Okay so far we have basically established that 1 and 2 were flat out lies made up by the current administration and George W. Bush. And if there isn't undisputible proof that they are lies, there certainly is no information that proves that they are not lies. At best they are gross overstatements, used to manipulate the polls and the citizens to support an unjustified war.

So the propaganda machine has been pushing the third point for a while now, pounding their chests about how they have liberated the Iraqi people and provided them freedom. However, there was a quite a price to be paid, first there are estimates that there were about 10,000 civilian deaths in Iraq, more than three times the human destruction that occured on September 11th, 2001. (source: Iraq Body Count).

And now it seems while there has been a vaccum established in the power structure, of the Iraqi government, and we all know how nature abhors such things. So it seems the religious groups in Iraq our currently seizing power. The Shia and Sunni among others are clamoring to assume the power and have now filled in the missing opression. So if our real goal was to "free" the people of Iraq, we aren't doing so well. You can listen to the story from NPR's Morning Edition from March 23, 2004, if you want to hear a report regarding the opressive religious forces that are seizing power in Iraq.

I would be much more respectful of the leadership if they would stop lying about everything. The only feasible reason for the war, and the only successful part of the operation is the ensured continued flow of the Oil that is in Iraq.

Those of you who really, really want to vote for George Bush again in November, please take five minutes and research some of his claims, and what great good he is going to provide for our nation. Does a man who is fully controlled by the big energy corporations really serve the greater good?

AuthorKevin McAllister