My el-cheapo desk which I got from Best Buy a while ago finally bought the farm. I was moving it to get my new rugs installed when a major supporting part turned into mostly sawdust. Luckily for me the township trash guys seemed to not have any problem taking all of it. But unlucky for me and mostly unlucky for my wife's UT2K4 game. I currently have no where to stick my computer.

So I am currently seeking options, I have basically ruled out replacing it with something similar. I would prefer a desk that will support being moved (taken apart and put back together) many times without an extroidinary amount of damage occuring as a result. So I guess anything made out of some kind of metal or pvc tubing hooked up to wooden horizontal areas would do okay. But I haven't had much luck finding anything that was too interesting browsing on-line furniture collections.

So here are the basic requirements.

  • Sturdy enough to support moving without breaking
  • Strong enough to support my Dell 21" monitor
  • Corner desk (the above mentioned monitor likes to be in the corner so it isn't three inches from the edge of the desk)
  • the monitor should be raised, so it is at the right eye level.
  • Plenty of horizontal surface area for all of my crap
  • I think I like to take advantage of the vertical as well, for storage, some sort of hutch or shelving system
  • Something that is smart and puts computer parts where I can reach them would be nice.
  • need something quickly.

My current thought, is the only way I will meet all my needs inexpensively is to build something myself. But to meet the quickness demand, I will probably have to buy something crappy temporarily, which will eventually make it's way to the basement, after I can build the ultimate desk.

Anyone have any desk suggestions? Or even some suggestions on how to build a desk?

AuthorKevin McAllister