The tournament was pretty cool. And I saw people from my school (Villari's Trevose Studio) do very well. Congratulations Nick, Sheila, Steve and Chris who all left with a bunch of hardware. Probably other representatives from my school did well also, I just didn't have time to notice, as I was also competing. I came in second place in the "Forms" or "Katas" competition as it says on the tropy. I was pleased with my performance, The form I did was called "3 Kata" and I felt I made a good showing of it. I knew I had done well, because I wasn't conscience that I was actually doing the form until I was about half way through. The guy who came in first, in that competetion swept the adult green through brown stripe division. I had the misfortune to draw him in the opening match of the sparring division. I lost 5 - 3, I did disagree with the last point he was awarded (I felt I blocked it with two hands) but both judges agreed he should have had that point. However, I do know that he deserved to win that competition overall.

Overall it was a good time, and I am looking forward to competing again, for no other reason than to see quite a bit of cool things done, by a bunch of good martial artists.

Also congratulations to all who competed in the Villari's Pennsylvania Regional Martial Arts tournament. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. And I look forward to competing with many of you again.

AuthorKevin McAllister
CategoriesMartial Arts