circular sawThis holiday weekend kept me busy spending money and doing minor construction. My brother, Tom, and my wife, Michelle. Helped me do half the job of installing continuous soffit vents under the eaves of my house. I still need to do the back of the house because it was raining, and it took too long to do the front.

The vinyl caps staged in the drivewayBasically it involved taking dow the vinyl cap that was covering the underside of the eaves, and snapping 2 chalk lines 2 inches apart, using my new circular saw (got it for $45 on clearance at Lowe's) to cut a hole, affixing the vents and replacing the cap. It gave me a chance to clean up all the dirt and caccons and crap that were on the hidden side of the caps, and I noted that some previous owner had 24, 2 inch diameter holes drilled into the soffit to provide some ventilation. Of course they didn't put any kind of vent plug in there, so I bought some of them and popped them in also. And I am pretty sure the free space provided by the holes was not sufficient.

Tom working To get the how-to on doing this job I searched google for soffit vent installation. And read the first 20 or so pages returned. I basically followed the instructions from here. Now the only concern I have is that the vinyl caps aren't allowing enough airflow, in that case I will have to find new caps that are more air permissive. And go through the pain in the ass job of cutting it to fit.

Kev and Tom finishing the job.

Hopefully it isn't raining on Saturday, and I will be able to do the back and finish the job.

By the way, I also purchased a Canon PowerShot S410 camera this weekend. It rocks! The pictures above and other pictures of the job were taken with it, and can be found in my gallery. However, there is no way this expensive piece of equipment will be capturing the glory at the bike race, that is a job strictly for the much more inexpensive pen-cam.

AuthorKevin McAllister