temperature.jpgMaybe an air conditioner is in order. It's not even summer yet, and the house is very warm at the end of the day, It was still in the high 80s in there around 9PM.

The biggest drawback to a a window unit is the layout of my house. I have a window in the rear of the house, that would blow into the dining room and subsequently the living area, however that side of the house is southerly facing, and there is virtually no way for me to shade that window. Plus that unit would then be responsible for cooling about 500 square feet. My bedroom however is much smaller, and the window which would hold a unit is well shaded by a large tree. However, this would then confine Michelle to the bedroom on the hottest of days. Her solution, of course, is to get two ac window units. Which I may end up doing, however, I don't have to like it. I guess I will also have to research the portable units, but between venting and emptying the water which collects, these look like a real pain.

AuthorKevin McAllister