In a few hours my brother should be rolling into Iowa after his 24 hour stint of driving a 14 foot box truck with 92 Honda Civic in tow. Well he has two friends helping out, Thanks Pat and Ian. I would have liked to go out there for a few days and help him get settled, but since I got the kid on the way around Christmas, I am hoarding vacation days and money. Since he hasn't chosen an ISP yet he probably won't be seeing this for a while, but good luck, Tom. You will be missed around here while you are learnin' how to write all fancy at the fancy writin' school.

PS: don't ever rent a UHaul using the internet, it is nothing but trouble, they haven't figured out how to coordinate the reservations and they always end up screwing it up in some manner, hell, they won't even tell you where or when you will be getting the truck until the day before. You are much better served paging through the phone book and calling your local UHaul locations. They know their own inventory and schedule and will hold the truck for you. They will even attempt to service special requests. The experience may be different for Ryder or Budget, but I had that experience renting a truck three years ago, and my brother and brother-in-law both had similar troubles this year.

AuthorKevin McAllister