Hey everyone, exercise your right to vote, do not disenfranchise yourself. People in the short but storied history of the US have given their lives for the right to vote, so exercise it. Please go sign up to vote, to do so, go here and click on the Rock the Vote link. This is part of a contest that the guys from HotOrNot.org are running, apparently they want to get people to vote, and drum up publicity for themselves. So I got suckered in, why not? So while you are on that page sign up to win 100K, if you use my referal link and win, then I will win 100K also. I signed up a couple weeks ago, I haven't gotten any spam as a result, therefore feel free. Plus money is good. Register at VoteOrNot.org. If people actually use my link I'll post back here about how many people I ended up referring. Plus after you sign up, you will get your own referal page you can use to have other people sign up and increase your chances of winning.

But if you don't want to participate in that, at least register to vote in the general election and do it.

AuthorKevin McAllister