While searching for a story I heard on Morning Edition about depression, so I could make a point about the treatment for depression being just as stressful as some of the stresses thought to cause depression, I found out that NPR has RSS feeds for some of it's news and programs. Scratch another couple minutes from my daily routine as I will be throwing some of these on my bloglines account right away. Oh and I couldn't find the story I was searching for, but basically the woman who wrote a book was talking about how stressful everything is today, since we have so many demands on our time, and the work week has increased and there is a constant pressure to succeed and do more faster and earn more money to buy more crap (Including her book I guess). Then she talked about the way there is no simple magic bullet cure all for depression and it's not just medication but a whole management regimen where you have to work hard at controlling your depression.

Well as I was listening to this it sounded like there was a lot of pressure to build up this management framework around your depression, which could in turn cause stress as you could wonder why all the hard work you are putting in at controlling your depression isn't working and how it is possible fail in this mighty quest to control your feelings, and it just seemed like the total wrong direction to go for dealing with depression. I mean why apply the principles of management and work to your problem if applying those very things to other aspects of your life has caused the growth of this problem. It seems to me the solution to many problems in our society is to do something; do anything. And likely that attitude is how the problem came about in the first place.

Now I don't really know what depression is, or know if I have ever experienced it. But it seems to me that applying the same thinking that caused the condition in the first place is not going to fix it.

I would recommend buying a hammock, and using it.

AuthorKevin McAllister