Many of you know I was hoping that Bush would not win re-election. However, he obviously will be president for the next 4. Of course what this means to me: taking a broad view, not a whole lot either way. My immediate and primary concern is still my family and making sure we all have enough to eat and some left over for toys. And no matter who was in the presidential office my day to day life would be impacted very little.

Would Kerry have been significantly different than 4 more with Bush? In many aspects, no. Some of the policies they fought so bitterly over in the debates were nearly identical. My only political course of action at this time is to do what I always do, when I see things happening at the Federal level that I disagree with, then I will contact my representation and let them know. And if I see things that I want to happen, again make the reps do their job, even if that means willfully ignorning my input, but at least dealing with it in some way.

Anyway here are some general thoughtoids I have manufactured, and had thrust upon me recently.

  • Some of the Republican principles are very acceptable: minimal government, less taxes, responsibility. Hopefully the elected from that party can enbody and enact some of those principles.
  • If in four years things have changed for the percieved worse, the current administration will not have the excuses of an already declining economy and (hopefully) there will be no massive civilian loss of life on the homeland.
  • I like Bush's Social Security plan. I hate watching that counter on my paycheck tick off without the ability to manage the investment of my money!. Even though I feel many will oppose me holding my funds back from the general social security coffers, I would really like this to become a reality. I will let my (All Republican) federal representation know about my thoughts. Heck even better, just cut me a check for everything I have contributed in my name (number rather) and I'll roll it into an IRA.
  • I think the repubs are pushing federal tax free medical spending accounts too, like the kind all you people who work at big companies have access to. Well I will push for this too. Yeah, yeah the last two are the fabled promises and I know the fall of Rome came from the electorate voting for more Bread and Circuses, but I just want the bread I earned.
  • I have seen my current thoughts and feelings compared to how a more mature generation felt when Nixon was re-elected. Their advice: "Get over it." If the current administration is as bad as many feel it is, they now have enough rope to hang themselves.
  • The media's portrayal of the partisan standoff and bickering is a little over done. Maybe the pundits hate each other that much, but I don't feel it accurately portrays what happens on CSPAN .
AuthorKevin McAllister