Today I noticed my carton of orange juice says "SELL BY: DEC 16." This in itself is not very odd or interesting, but coupled with the knowledge that my child is due on December 5th made me pause for a moment this morning and think, "Damn, I have food in my fridge that could still be there when my life makes a very dramatic change." It's pretty funny when you have these big life changing events that you know about in advance. I mean sometimes there are pretty dramatic changes in your life that are either abrupt or take a long time, but they are often unexpected or not noticed until afterward. But some you see coming from way off and just the huge wash of emotions that you go through as they approach is a big part of this experience we call life. My experience just got ratched up a notch in intensity by noticing that date today.

Well, I hope you come soon, baby. I'll save you some orange juice.

AuthorKevin McAllister