This morning (as the power was going out again) I finished reading We the Media on my palm. I really enjoyed chapters 1 through 8, and they even led me to come up with a bunch of potential risky entrepreneurial ventures relating to personal journalism. But chapter 9 and on seemed tedious to me, part of it was just that it was packed with a bunch of information I already know concerning the perils of online conversation. And the information about how the copyright cartel is fighting against technology to preserver their business model is something that I have read about daily for a while now, so I guess I am wearied to that subject as well. For the most part I enjoyed it, and it is very comprehensive and did get me thinking about some potential ventures or useful collaborative news sites that could be worthwhile. But if you have been reading Dan Gillmor's blog or something like Politech for a while you may find yourself struggling to re-read stuff you already know.

There is a probably not nearly exhaustive, yet full supply of links to many blogs and sites that may be interesting, although the links and copious footnotes don't play well on the palm and I suspect they are mildly annoying in the dead-tree version. And while the Appendix "Web Site Directory" does aggregate all those links for you so you don't have to hunt through the text, finding an HTML version on the books webpage has proven a challenge. And the PDF published by O'Reilly doesn't have links embedded. So I grabbed the PDF of that chapter and converted it into a web page with the links easily clickable, so if you are reading, have read it or just want to look at all the links check it out here.

AuthorKevin McAllister