They wish, it would greatly improve their service levels. There are plenty of monkeys out there that know more about how telephone service works than the people they have who eventually answer the phone. Sure their service is slightly less expensive, but I have had nothing but problems with them. Apparently they have no technicians and they must outsource their telephone support to the lowest bidder. I switched to CavTel in January. When they finally got the number switched over, my phone stopped ringing in my house. So after 6 days without a phone finally it miraculously started ringing here. Hurray! Too good to be true, because on Tuesday people calling my number were greeted with the wonderful message that "This number has been disconnected." And I have no dial tone. SO, we try calling CavTel support. For three days. Still no service. They claim they never got the number back from Verizon, it's verizon's fault the did something at the CO.

I got news for you, I DON'T CARE whose fault it is! I just want to pick up my phone and be able to call people. And I somewhat want people to be able to call me. So if you are an upstart company in an industry dominated by monopolies, it may be worthwhile to spend just a little bit of time either training your customer service people about the telephone industry, or maybe hiring qualified people. I never talked to anyone at CavTel but the customer service people and the exuded incompetence, that is the way I feel about the company, and that will never change.

We canceled service, demanded a full refund and the cost to transfer back to Verizon. Of course now we cannot keep our number if we want service restored in any amount of time, because that takes 10 working days for verizon to do the paperwork to get the number back from Cavalier even though they claim they never got it from Verizon. So I will be getting a new phone number in a couple of days. If you need to call me try in a few days, or write me a letter or something.

AuthorKevin McAllister