I just flew in from Houston, Texas and boy does flying in the winter in Philly suck. Here is a quick recap of the experience:

  • Getting up at 3:30 AM for a 6 AM flight because of snow is not desirable.
  • Sitting in the plane waiting to de-ice while the AC is turned off, also, subpar
  • Houston claims to be the 4th largest city, however it seems to have claimed the distinction by expanding the borders to include the suburbs, where apparently everyone goes to by 7:30 PM. Because the city is deserted then. I could hear birds chirping, when they rig
  • htfully should have been drown out by traffic sounds, or killed off by pigeons.

  • six packs come in buckets full of ice in Texas
  • Charging food and transportation to the room is a great invention.
  • Having a chick-fil-a in a public cafeteria in the basement of an office building is a good idea
  • The banks that have ATMs in airports should go and move them to the other side of the TSA checkpoints. If you are short on cash and need to get a cab and you have left the "secure" area, there could be trouble. Incidently zone fares for cabs are good.
  • I don't understand the cow in the spacesuit that is in the George Bush airport.
  • Searching around for wireless connectivity is silly when there is an ethernet jack in your room. (Note: Bring a network cable with you when you go anywhere)
  • 70 degree weather in February is great, but I am sure glad I missed the 110+ degree weather that will be there in the summer
  • Venison isn't bad.
  • Travelling into a snow storm in philly is much more time consuming than travelling out of one.
  • Coming home is great

Well that's it for now.

AuthorKevin McAllister