Make: technology on your time Volume 1 of the O'Reilly Make Magazine showed up at my house while I was in Houston, so I spent some time this weekend reading through it. I am impressed, it is everything I hoped it would be.

It is full of really detailed articles on how to build the projects within. The best one for my money is the 5-in-1 network cable. For those of you who are always looking around for one of those Cisco cables or a crossover cable, this is the only way to fly. Probably would take about 30 minutes to throw together once you had all the parts, which is the same 30 minutes you would spend searching through piles of old Cisco boxes every few weeks when you realize you left your console cable somewhere. Plus the null modem and the crossover are priceless to carry with you too, and since it was something you put together, you will be less tempted to leave it behind for someone else to use.

Some of the other articles look good too, the primer on soldering is a must read for getting started with this kind of stuff.

To sum it up: Chock full O' Geeky goodness. So subscribe or at the very least order the first volume from Amazon to check it out.

AuthorKevin McAllister