Well I can now retire the homing pigeons, I have this new fangled technology that allows me to talk to people miles away without shouting. Sure it takes 2 copper wires instead of the preferred 1 string and two tin cans, but boy is it keen. Anyway this is just the follow up to my entry on the absolute bungling of my phone service by CavTel, the Verizon guy came here today and was here for about 10 minutes. I now have phone service. I wondered shouldn't I be without service for 6 days after he claimed I was turned on? Apparently thats not how they do things.

The only downside is that I have a new phone number, because I didn't want to be without service forever while the phone companies sorted out the paper work to get me my old number back from limbo. So if you need to call me, get my new phone number; somehow.

Maybe I should send CavTel my cell phone bill and associated brain tumor also.

AuthorKevin McAllister