The ipod experiment is a success so far. I just finished The Gunslinger by Stephe King. It was pretty good, I guess this is probably the best way for me to read the dark tower series. The only problem I have is now I have to wait until the 17th until I can get another book on my subscription. I guess I will need to hit up the library to find some books on CD. I also ordered some Moleskine pocket notebooks today. From Moleskineus. One I am going to use as a general purpose notebook. The other I am going to use to start a journal to Allison, something she can read someday and see things I thought about while she was growing up. (Thanks for causing me to snap into action on this Ryan.) Now I just have to make an effort to write in it.

I wonder if it matters what kind of pen/ink I use, I want to make sure it doesn't fade too much over the years.

AuthorKevin McAllister