So many have signed up for a Barnes&Noble big brother 10% off card where you pay them $10 and you get 10% off of everything for a year. Waldenbooks/Borders used to have one also, and I guess I signed up for it once because I received a rewards card in the mail claiming they are discontinuing their old program and to rergister on their site and use the one they sent me, because now they don't charge you $10 a year, it is FREE! Well I looked into these so called rewards. It's a farce, it is overly complicated, and the odds of me saving any money are slim. The odds of them collecting valuable marketing information on me are high. The main reward is a "Personal Shopping Day" which requires me to spend $50 in one calendar month, and then within 30 days of that I can get 10% off of almost everything in their store, for one day.

Junk. I hope this blows up in their face, because it is way to complicated and provides me virtually no benefit over competing big brother member programs.

AuthorKevin McAllister