Well I finally am going to go to one of these user group things. I am going to hit PhillyJUG (Java User Group) tonight and see what's what. I think the presentation is on Hibernate, which is cool, because I just started looking at that a couple days ago with the well written O'Reilly Java Devleoper's Notebook on the topic. I also get to go check out my old place of work, since Unisys in Tredyfferin is hosting the meeting. I wonder if any of the guys from my group, who didn't quit and go to Lucent back in 1997, are still there? I wonder if my intern essay and picture still hangs on the wall? I wonder if "R. Butts" still works there? This and many other questions that won't be answered are on my mind. The unfortunate question that will be answered is how long will it take me to drive from Princeton to Tredy?

AuthorKevin McAllister