Mike's thoughts on PhillyJUG meeting. And I generally agree, except for the religiously part. If Iget free books every time, I won't miss a single one. Plus I got to hear about all the ways that Java 1.5 Annotation, and the work of Gavin King, Marc Fleury and the other JBoss guys make EJB 3.0 actually worthwhile. Shaun's talk was pretty good. Rich Friedman who is in charge of trying to actually make money had a, slightly less interesting to many of the attendees, presentation also. The lack of interest was hurried along with some eye-chart slides. I was interested primarily in hearing about yet another way people are trying to make money in software since I like making money and software.

There is some promise to what he talked about, but he definitely has an uphill battle. His presentation would probably go off better at a more management centered group, like a Eastern Technology Council event. Assuming the slides that looked like nutrition labels and legal documents get changed around to be more friendly.

Anyway thanks to Dave Fecak from PhillyJUG and JBoss for this event.

AuthorKevin McAllister