Well it sounds like my ReplayTV has abrubtly died :-( There was a short period where it was acting strange, but that was only for a few days, I came home and found it rebooting and never quite finishing, a hard reboot fixed that.

But this morning it wouldn't come on when I hit the power button. Undaunted I did another hard reboot. This time I was pierced to the bone with a rapid clicking sound from hell, I could feel it vibrate in the hollow of my temples and hammer against my soul.

Looks like Mikeyboy of replaytvparts is going to get a few of my bucks, unless there is somewhere out there I can get the ReplayTV software image to push onto a new disk that I buy, which I would do just to save some money. First thing to do when I get the replacement drive is to pull the OS image off of it in case a similar need arises in the future.

AuthorKevin McAllister