My vacation was great, I was in Wildwood, NJ for a week where I did the standard vacation stuff, beach, pool, relaxing, reading, boardwalk and of course eating too much food. Then I drove to Maryland for a July 4th BBQ at my Uncle's house. The drive to Maryland was pretty good except for spending over an hour on a 15 mile stretch of the NJ Turnpike and Deleware Memorial Bridge. I should have taken the ferry. And of course Jersey sucks. Somehow it took me around 6 or 7 hours to get from Wildwood, NJ to Severna Park, MD which is about 175 miles driving. So I feel like I spent too little time with my family, but it was good for them to see Allison and for Allison to be scared being passed around from unknown person to unknown person.

It was my first real chance to get away from work and everything since my honeymoon back in July of 2003, and now I am at least refreshed for work, and karate and all the things I like doing but were stagnating like everything does when you spend most of your time in a swamp, and a close second for most of your time driving to and from a swamp.

AuthorKevin McAllister