Got the replay up and running, I simply downloaded rtvpatch, an image from replay images and shot over to microcenter to buy a disk got a deal on a Western Digital 160GB for $60 after manufacturer and store rebate ($120 without) and after screwing around with the master/slave/cable select settings got it to boot up and I am back in business with a good 70 hours or so of record time at medium quality. The only problem I currently live with is that the remote doesn't control the television also. I guess I could invest in a good universal remote that will control the TV and the Replay. Anyone have any success with any really good universals or do they still all mostly suck? I know my experience was that they work, except for one or two annoyances that you live with but hate. Like if you hit the channel up button 5 consecutive times it puts the tv in its special channel scan mode that flips through the channels once every 3 seconds or so, at least that is what happens with my bedroom television that I never turn on.

AuthorKevin McAllister