Allison's hip has been declared medically sound. Xrays today, and a little minor tech draw and protractor use has determined that a 20 degree something or other for her left hip is good enough and we don't have to go back. We can also ignore the frequent clicks and pops that come from there. As if her pulling herself up on anything that is above her head and her crawling all around the place wasn't clue enough that her legs are just fine. Her mobility has Michelle threatening to coat the entire living room in bubble wrap, and I have started looking or wholesale bubble wrap merchants because that would be awesome. And here's a free business idea, create a something that looks like a shopvac that will let you coat things in nerf. Then I could rent that tool and shoot up all the hard corners and legs on things with 18 inches of nerf, then falling down would be even more fun time.

AuthorKevin McAllister