I have just finished listening to Song of Susannah by Stephen King, and I think the Dark Tower story is brilliant. It has also sold me on audio books, because although I am sure I could appreciate Midworld and the Ka-tet had I read it, this has been a great experience. I also seem to have gotten over my initial disapointment infused with anger when I popped the earphones in and started listening to Wolves of the Calla and heard George Guidall instead of Frank Muller. Man was I pissed. After I researched the circumstances and found that Frank was in a motorcycle accident and can barely speak that my anger was directed toward Stephen King for taking so damn long to finish writing. I eventually came to realize since Iam so late to this Dark Tower party that George Guidall had narrated the version of The Gunslinger that I had listened to as well, and he is good, very good. But I really got into the world when Frank was doing the narrating, and it was irritating the way Eddie Dean's inflections had changed, but all that has receded, because as I said George Guidall does a fine job, although it took a book and a half for me to get over that.

I am very anxious to get my ipod wrapped around the final volume of this work. I never thought much of Stephen King, I mean I knew he was successful so I had respect for that, but I just went with my tendency to assume something that everybody likes is probably sub par. (e.g. reality television, or most of television in general) But anyway I am blown away by the Dark Tower, and I suspect I will read quite a bit more of Mister King's work now.

So any way to King: Hile wordslinger! Thank ye Sai, big big.

AuthorKevin McAllister