I noticed a whole bunch of referalls to my site from the Jet's message board, I thought maybe someone had linked to the whole Ed Hochuli debacle, but I hunted it down and found out that no, someone was stealing my bandwidth to show a picture I have on my site of Chuck Bednarik. Well I don't approve of that, so I used a friends instructions on how to let the people know what I think of them [using mod_rewrite](http://www.chaosreigns.com/adventures/entry.php?date=2001-11-28&num=01). Thanks Darxus. Now instead of concrete charlie that persons signature on the message board contains [this](http://logicaldisconnect.org/YouSuck.jpg).

plus the Jets suck. Seriously a first round pick for Doug Jolley, watching your preseason it doesn't even look like he is starting.

AuthorKevin McAllister
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