Anyone want to give me some free bubble wrap? I guess I can watch [freecycle]( But if any of my throngs of blog-reading admirers want to lay some free bubble wrap on me, I won't be opposed. I noticed that the good people at []( and amazon give you a fairly limited allowance for shipping expedited, especially if you want to hit the extra 45 cents for a tracking number. So they assume you are going to throw stuff in the flat rate priority mail envelope, which of course has no padding, and since I have no seller [whuffie]( to speak of, I have to be the low cost seller or I get ignored, so no room to pad the shipping allowance there, and I don't want to get lousy feedback because my books are getting dinged up in transit.

Oh and now the Mexico fund is off and running. I just hit a $21 sale, I have my $20 cash back from Discover that started it, and I got another $5.99 sale yesterday. It reminds me I have to race to get more of my text book like books up on half or amazon, so I can cash in on the back to school crowd.

AuthorKevin McAllister