Ryan [asked](http://logicaldisconnect.org/archives/2005/09/09/the-final-hour/#comment-1235) "was it worth the trip?"Oh yes. At least for me it was.

It was a great epic tale, with a great ending. And I am talking about the real ending after King suggested you stop reading. I would have been disappointed if I had skipped that last part.

Actually there was one thing that did disappoint me, the author's note was not included in the audio recording. I had noticed that there was one in the hardback version, which I picked up at B&N to look at the drawings yesterday. Now I have to read that note next time I am in a book store.

I enjoyed the story so much I almost bought The Road to the Dark Tower : Exploring Stephen King's Magnum Opus while I was out yesterday, with my coupons and gift cards. I figured I could use a break from the tower for a while.

AuthorKevin McAllister