So I often have really general questions about stuff ranging from where can I find recomendations on rock quarries? How to seal an asphalt driveway? To, what are some good books to read? And what is the best way to calculate the best fit line in some programming language? The question I have today is where to ask these? Is there any really good clearing house of knowledge ranging from very general to very specific? I know about [ask metafilter](, and [google answers]( both of which seem like the best option out there, but are there any other communities where it is accepted that people will ask questions on wildly differing topics?

The usual way I go about it, is to dig in depth, and find the usenet FAQ on driveway resurfacing, and then spend an hour or two googling and find all kinds of information. But really I am trying not to spend 4 hours figuring out what the best driveway sealer is. I'd like to have a semi-trusted forum which gets a little more traffic than my blog. I know maybe 10 - 20 people read this regularly and about half that will comment, I'd like to have exposure to hundreds of people. And in turn I would be happy to contribute to such a forum.

Maybe I already have my answer above, in google answers, and ask metafilter. But I figured I might as well see what other channels people use when they don't want to become the local expert in a topic for a quick project.

AuthorKevin McAllister