I was lead to the concept of [continuous partial attention](http://www.corante.com/getreal/archives/2005/01/17/accentus_real_time_blinking_through_music.php) through an entry about [email overload](http://www.43folders.com/2005/10/marc_eisenstadt.html). I am very conflicted on this concept because, I know I am so much more productive when I can concentrate and block out the world. But I also have a tendency to load up my work environment with distractions. IM, email, RSS feeds. So on some level I want to get things done, but on another I guess don't want to miss anything? When I get into the flow I really get into it, I could go for days barely eating and sleeping because I am so focused on accomplishing something. I can only assume my embracing of distraction has to do with boredom, or not caring enough about the things I am purportedly trying to accomplish. This may be a good time to cast through my mind and find the things that send me into frenzied periods of autistic like concentration, and then find a way to pay the bills doing that. I do have some ideas.

AuthorKevin McAllister