I have had a pretty good experience seeling with Amazon. But I never really paid attention to the selling fee structure, because I was happy to just make a few bucks on most of my books. But on friday I got the notice that another of my books sold. I charged $2.50, I got paid for standard shipping. But the Amazon fee came out to be $2.60. Well, shit, I ain't about giving my books away and paying for the privilege. I would rather burn it than pay Amazon 10 cents for the privilege of shipping it to someone else. I looked into it, and yes of course I am in the wrong. I mean they have it all laid out. They take 99 cents and then some %age of the sale, and then some closing cost. Which is purposely confusing so that you will sign up to pay them a monthly fee to sell with some advanced account, so you can waive some of those fees.

Fine I get it they want to make money. But damn, I only have maybe a grand total of 20 books I want to sell in a year, and that is on the high end. So clearly half.com is the answer for me. (they just charge a %age of the sale)

But just a reminder to myself, don't list for under $3 with amazon. And probably don't list with Amazon any more.

AuthorKevin McAllister